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A professional customer

Why choose us?

Building organs is our vocation. We have been building organs since 1992 and we have dedicated our life to our profession. We strongly believe in it.

Our customers are the first for us. Our reputation has been built by our satisfied clients and it is very important for us to earn your trust. Only if you are pleased with our work will you recommend us to others.

We have long-term plans. Since 1999 we have been recognised throughout Europe as well. We have kept our promises and guarantees since 1993 and we are planning to do so in the next 1993 years, too.

We are a financially stable company. We do not have any overdue liabilities or debts, neither towards our partners nor towards our suppliers. This may sound unbelievable, but it is actually completely true and we are working all the time to keep going on like that.

More than 40 employees work for our firm. If any of the staff members wish to take some time off or someone is unexpectedly unable to work, we always find a solution within the firm. We have an excellent, highly skilled professional staff, the majority of whom have been working with us for more than 10 years. Our office staff are professionals as well.

Our professional reputation makes it possible for us to teach what we do. We have a group of 15 learners in our own workshop and they can acquire the skills and know-how of organ building with the help of our own tutors. As a result of this, we have the opportunity to train the next generation or organ manufacturers, so we have long-term projects for the future.

The materials built in the organ and the quality of its components are all very important to us. Although it is not our firm that plants the trees, produces tin or breeds the animals, we manufacture the rest of all the particulars for the organ apart from these within a manufactural framework. Therefore, we can guarantee a perfect harmony of the smallest particulars within the instrument, even in those parts of the organ which may not be noticed for the first sight.

We always keep deadlines and never change the rates that are laid in the contract. You are never required to pay any supplementary fees for any reasons and we never modify deadlines. In case you wish to modify your original idea and specifications set in the contract, which may occur, we can send you a quotation as soon as possible and check whether such modifications will affect the original deadline.

It is possible to say or write anything. Before requesting a quote the best thing to do is come and visit us in person in order to check the facts behind our website. We will discuss your ideas with you and we will also show you around to see work in our firm. You can make a visit with no obligations. If you are interested in this opportunity, contact us at the following telephone number to arrange the time of your visit: +3672/239-603. If you prefer to send an email, we look forward to hearing from you here: info@pomorgona.hu

If you have read our free study on the nine most important criteria concerning how to choose the right organ manufacturer for the work (if you have not, download it here), you may come up with a question that concerns the customer, as the contract is signed by both parties.

Long-term cooperation, friendly meetings, the smooth accomplishment of different manufacturing stages as well as deadlines are all very important for clients in each investment that involves a large amount of money and puts an emphasis on the clients’ special requests, such as organ building. What is your view about it?

In order to achieve these goals, you can contribute to the work as a professional customer in the following way:

1….knows that building and renovating a church organ or a concert organ require approximately 1-1.5 years from the time of signing the contract. Until the contract is signed, a client spends usually 3-6 months outlining the plan and finding the right manufacturer. If you wish to have the organ completed in two years’ time and installed in a space that is still empty at the moment, you should find the right manufacturers in due course.

2…outlines a plan in time in order to finance and maintain the organ. The annual cost of maintanance is approximately 0.5 % of the cost of building/renovating the organ. If we use the example of a car (see in the study), people usually start looking for the right car to be purchased only if they have the adequate amount of money needed or they already know who they are going to borrow it from. Building an organ makes a big difference as compared to purchasing a car. The difference lies in the fact that building an organ can not be financed by bank loans. The only solution is to have the right amount in cash or apply for funding. (For some tips how to get the necessary amount of cash click here)

3… chooses a team of professionals (organ experts, structural engineers, acousticians, accountants) who are excellent in their own fields and are also able to identify with the customer’s specifications and requests.

4….knows that organ building is craftwork and it is not part of the building industry.

5…. tries to share as many ideas, thoughts and concerns as possible with the manufacturers in the course of preliminary discussions in order to take such issues into consideration at an early stage of the manufacturing process. Modifications that are required to be made too late result in either too much extra cost or postponing deadlines, in some cases they are not even possible to accomplish.

6…accepts that it is in fact the available financial resources that determine the possibilities.

7… asks the contractor written notifications about each discussion and phone call, in which all the details discussed in the conversation are put down as well as the next stages of the manufacturing process that have been agreed on. How easy it is when you do not have to figure out who you talked to on phone about the material of the facade pipes and whether that person still works for the company or not.

8….keeps himself to all the agreements set in the contract. He knows that if his specifications and requests are modified as compared to the original agreement, such modifications may result in changes regarding the cost and the deadline of work. If you consider that the company orders the wooden material according to the contract that has been set up and you later wish to make some changes e.g. you want cherry tree wood to be used instead of walnut tree wood, it is not certain that the vendor will buy the materials back. Purchasing new materials will also last 2-4 weeks, which may result in 6-8 weeks of delay in the manufacturing process. It is therefore recommended to consider well what type of organ you need.

9….considers that working on site, that is outside our firm, has its own costs, including the costs of fuel and the hourly wage of our professionals, as well as the costs of all the materials needed to complete the work on site. Fees for on site work are also applicable when only a site survey is needed in order to make a request for quotation. Washing machine technicians and television mechanics also charge fees for their work on site.