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About us

Would you like to have a church or a concert hall organ?
Are you thinking of organ restoration?
Do you have an organ for reparation or reconstruction?
Do you need any kind of organ parts?
In case you have answered ‘Yes’ for any of these questions,
You are at the right place.
The competence and 25-year work experience of our colleagues
make it possible for our constantly developing company to
undertake the full range of activities of the profession; building new
organs, restoration of organs, as well as repair and maintenance.
Let’s visit our webshop and check our constantly expanding product range.


Here is the latest POM organ!

The POM have finished the modernization and expansion works of the organ of SOKOL Cultural Center in Nowy Sacz, Poland in March, 2017.


It does not matter if it is only a little organ part or a complete organ,
at Organparts.info webshop You will find everything you need.
All of our products are handmade and produced in-house which are
guaranty for high quality. Organparts.info webshop is a fast and
easy option for all of our customers.

Do not find the organ parts you need?
Do you have a special request or innovative idea?
Do not hesitate to contact us. We provide personalized offer for You
and make your dreams come true. After the success of our very first
Organparts Catalogue in 2016, this year we have launched our new
catalogue with all the latest products and much more information,
wrapped in new design.


Orgonaalkatrészre van szükségem