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About us

Would you like to have an organ built in your church, maybe in a concert hall?
Are you considering the renovation or restoration of an organ?
Do you wish to hire an organ for a temporary period?
Do you need any organ parts?

In any case, you have found the right partner.
We are offering solutions that respond exactly to such needs.


POM is ”the small and medium size company of the month”

Purchasing Organ Parts

Congratulations, you already have an organ or an organ building company if you need to purchase organ parts.
On the link below, we are going to guide you in our virtual shop
where you can find any products you need.

Your requests and specifications may be as special as your organ,
and we might not have the suitable organ parts in stock. In that case,
feel free to send us the details of what you need so that our colleague can work
out the time and costs of making the product.
You need to decide only afterwards if you wish to purchase the product or not.

Orgonaalkatrészre van szükségem