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The majority shareholder of Pécsi Orgonaépítő Manufaktúra Kft. (Organ Manufacturing Company of Pécs) is Attila Budavári, who was 12 years old when he decided to become an organ builder. His great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather also used to deal with organ building and they used to work for József Angster’s famous organ building workshop in Pécs. So did five of his elder relatives as well.

In 1990, he left for Austria to deepen his professional knowledge and complete it with practical skills. Coming back home Attila established his company, the Pécs Organ Manufactory. He has chosen his brother, Csaba Budavári as business partner. At the beginning, they had to sell almost all their property to have enough money to start the business. Scooter, wedding money, savings all turned into drillers, planers and cutting machines. Of course, they also needed lots of help and encouragement from their friends and family. Thanks to their high-quality work, short deadlines and their good social skills, they received more and more orders. The more work they got, required the more employees and bigger workshop. Development was really fast, so they had to grow up for the challenge.

Our very first work was rebuilding of the organ of Roman Catholic Church in Komló. Then in a really short time the replica of the world-famous, 2000 years old Aquincum water organ was also built for Museum of Fire Service. The next work and the first new organ was prepared to Franciscan Secondary School, in Szentendre.

In 2005, the company arrived to the first really important milestone, when the manufactory won the building of the organ of Bartók Béla Concert Hall, in Palace of Arts, Hungary. Building of this instrument required the cooperation of over 30 sub-contractors, a stable financial background and faith. We succeeded.


1995Franciscan Secondary School, Szentendre, Hungary
1997 Aula organ in Sittendorf, Austria
1998 Organ of the Roman Catholic Church, Sittendorf, Austria
2001 Organ of the Lutheran Church, Érd, Hungary
2005 Organ of the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall in the Palace of Arts, Budapest, Hungary
2008 Organ of Zoltán Kodály Hungarian Choir School, Budapest, Hungary
2009 Organ of the Roman Catholic Church, Nagyvárad- Szöllős
2010 Choir organ of Matthias Church in the Castle District, Budapest, Hungary
2010 A French Baroque style organ in Zamárdi, a unique piece of work in Hungary
2012 Organ with an original design in Reste, Slovakia
2013 Grand organ of the Cathedral in Aveiro, Portugal
2014 Pécs-Kertváros Reformed Church, Budapest, Hungary
2014 Grand organ of Matthias Church, Budapest, Hungary
2015 Deutschmann organ of Kálvin tér Calvinistic Church, Budapest, Hungary
2016 Fasori Reformed Church, Budapest, Hungary
2016 Franciscan Church, Shrine of Mátraverebély-Szentkút, Hungary
2017 Organ of SOKÓŁ Małopolska Culture Centre, Nowy Sacz, Poland
2017 Calvinist Church of Zaláta, Zaláta, Hungary
2017 Lutheran Church of Budavár, Budapest, Hungary

POM in the present

POM is the biggest organ builder company in Hungary and also one of the largest in Europe. Continuing the 150 years old traditions of the famous Angster organ and harmonium factory, POM is building organs using traditional craft, adopting cultural traditions, combining with unique, up-to-date technical inventions. The professional competence of the firm makes our dynamically developing company able to undertake the full range of the profession. Building of new organs, restoration, structural alteration, reparation and maintenance are all in our portfolio. We sell wide range of organ parts and also fulfill unique and special requests of our nearly 400 clients on 3 continents.

Owners of POM are proud because…

• POM constantly provides high quality products,
• The company has stabile financial background,
• All of our products are produced handmade, in-house,
• POM is an innovative and creative company,
• Our equipment, plant building and assembling hall represent Western European standards,
• We ensure healthy, safe and pleasant working conditions,
• We work with loyal and hardworking employees,
• We pay to everyone in time,
So all of our business partners consider us as reliable partners.


We believe that organ building is not only creates the direct link between past and future, but provides many possibilities for future generations too. That is why it is important for us to save and carry on these values for the future.