25th Anniversary of the Manufacture


Our company the Pécs Organ Manufactory in celebrating its 25. anniversary this year. However, the traditions and spirituality we follow and try to pass on for the future generations come from a longer period of time than quarter of a century. You ask why?

Attila Budavári, owner of POM was only 12 years old when he decided to become an organ builder. This interest was a family heritage for him, as more of their ancestors, his great-grandfather, and great-great grandfather also worked in the famous Angster Organ Factory. This is the spirit Attila and from its establishment the Pécs Organ Manufactory follow all the time. The 25. Anniversary of the company we celebrated together with our colleagues, partners and supporters, who without this manufactory couléd not exist at all. We would like to say thank you for their help, cooperation and work.

For this significant event also our workshops were decorated. The front of the building now shows that this is the building of an organ manufactory…….for 25 years now.