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25th Anniversary of the Manufacture


Our company the Pécs Organ Manufactory in celebrating its 25. anniversary this year. However, the traditions and spirituality we follow and try to pass on for the future generations come from a longer period of time than quarter of a century. You ask why?

Angster 150


The year of 2017 has a high priority in life of organ building’s history in Pécs, Hungary. The worldwide famous Organ Factory established by József Angster, and lead by more 4 members of the Angster family started its working 150 years ago. The manufactory which was the most significant organ building manufactory in Hungary, was running between 1867 and 1951.During trhis time more than 1300 organs were built in the factory. Between many others they built the organ of the Cathedral in Pécs, Kassa, and Kalocsa.

A blind boy in the brand-new organ of Lutheran Church, in Buda Castle


The Salva Vita Foundation makes true the dreams of enable people by giving them the chance to try the job of their dreams. In terms of this program a blind guy joint to the POM team as well for a whole day.

Mihály Kocsis had the possibility to discover the organ of Lutheran Church of Buda Castle, Budapest with the leading of Attila Budavári organ building master and István Bán organist. Misi not simply played ont he organ but also climbed into the organ.

New Organparts Catalogue, 2017


After the success of our first Organparts catalogue, the new developed and extended catalogue is already on the way! Why is it UNIQUE? The new catalogue 2017 will be extended by brand new products, moreover it will provide some further improvements for our customers as well. The publication will be an easy-to-use and well-constructed catalogue that summarizes our offer in one book. Our goal is to save time and energy for our customers by making them easier to choose and benefit from our products. PREORDER IT NOW! It can be pre-ordered while the stock lasts. Do not miss it!

POM is ”the small and medium size company of the month” (January, 2017)


” The best small- and medium-sized company of the month” prize went to Pécs Organ Manufactory in January. It was Attila Budavári, organ builder master, owner-manager who received the prize from Mihály Varga, Minister of National Economies, Hungary. This prize is given to companies who employ a stabilized number of customers, reach strict financial requirements, do export and import activities, work on innovations, employ flexible time employees and handicapped workers too.

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