Future's Organ

The essence of the new generation box organ is to utilize a type of instrument, which has been manufactured and marketed by others before, in a new, versatile, and innovative way. The creation of a new type of organ with a module-like system that can be further developed will provide the answer for the continuously arising questions in the field of organ building.

This newly-built organ is not built in a style typical for a particular era in music history. It is rather a traditionally-built but professional portable instrument with special features, such as, unique sounding from different historical eras that can be displayed separately or simultaneously. The greatest innovation is that the entire sounding is variable and optional ranks can be inserted.

This is the latest innovation in the world! This allows the instrument to display a combination of several organ sounds. The organ itself is traditional but the midi-joints create endless possibilities and turn the instrument into a hybrid one. The instrument can be further developed and expanded. What is more, the appearance can be changed for every concert. The box organ is almost like a small orchestra by its nature since each rank represents different tones. The more ranks are in the organ, the more colorful the repertoire will be.

The features of the product:
- versatile in terms of appearance and ranks
- transposing to different pitches
- extremely lightweight
- compact, portable
- can be developed alongside with the developer
- can be expanded with midi and echo organ with the help of opto-electronics
- possible to create your own design
- can be used with the basic design
- harpsichord and regals can be built as second manual

Target group: music schools, small churches, chapels, choirs, private individuals, religious communities, for learning from home, for amateurs, for organists, for cantors, and chamber orchestra