Why do we believe that Pécs Organ Manufactory

is the best choice when it is about organs and organ parts?

Welcome to Pécs Organ Manufactory

Organ building is a traditionally handcraft profession. We use traditional technical solutions for organ restorations and reconstructions and modern technology to dream and implement creative new organs.

These two ways of organ building complete each other perfectly. We believe that our traditions are the connecting links between our past and our future. That is why it is important for us to save and carry on these values for the upcoming generations.

Awards and Prizes

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Our quarter of a century working experience and the competence of our colleagues make us able to cover all fields of organ building.


We always use the best quality materials for our products, to ensure reliable organs and organparts for our partners and customers.


It is said that every organ is different. We agree with this, so we are ready to meet the personal requirements of our customers and produce organs and organparts matching their special needs.


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