Pipe Adoption

Building a new organ costs a lot of money, so it often causes difficulties for communities to put up the amount for the instrument. POM as an organ building company meets many situations like that, and we always would like to help these communities. That is why we were motivated to come up with this program called ‘Pipe adoption’ through which we are able to support them.

It is an opportunity that makes it possible for them to collect the amount for the organ by themselves. Pipe adoption is about the power of “US”. It aims to give a chance to communities to build an organ together on their own.

Organ, the queen of instruments is built up by hundreds and even thousands of organ parts. According to this program community members get the chance to buy one or more parts of the organ and build up the instrument step by step.

helped by a list of the parts or a so-called “pipe map”, which can be placed on websites or in community buildings too. In case the program is successful and the organ is ready the members who helped to build the organ can get some kind of present in memorial of organ building. (For instance, engraved names in the metal pipe or certificate about adoption). 

How does POM take part in the Pipe adoption program?

  • We provide advice in professional questions in connection with the organ. 
  • We help to determine the amount you need. 
  • We give advice in connection with the “pipe map” or organ part list.