Angster 150


The year of 2017 has a high priority in life of organ building’s history in Pécs, Hungary. The worldwide famous Organ Factory established by József Angster, and lead by more 4 members of the Angster family started its working 150 years ago. The manufactory which was the most significant organ building manufactory in Hungary, was running between 1867 and 1951.During trhis time more than 1300 organs were built in the factory. Between many others they built the organ of the Cathedral in Pécs, Kassa, and Kalocsa.

It was the Pécs Organ Manufactory established in 1992 who tried to fill the space left after the derivatization and cessation of the Angster Organ Factory. The Manufactory wanted to follow and pass on the Angster traditions and heritage. The company celebrating its 25. Anniversary this year has built many significant organs during the las quarter of a century. They worked on the organ of Palace of Atrs, Matthias Church, Reformed Church at Kálvin Square, Budapest, Lutheran Church of Buda Catle, Cathedral of Pécs, but also in Portugal and Poland. Moreover form 2009 they sell many hundreds of organ parts for more than 350 customers on 3 continents, on webshop.

For this event the city of Pécs, the Angster family, the Pannon Filhamrony and the Pécs Organ Manufactory cooperated to organize an Angster 150 festival. During the festival days those who are interested in organ building are able to take part in many different events like, Organ walks, Workshop visits, theatre and so on.

The final of the festival was a play organized by Zsófia Bérczi granddaughter of József Angster jr in Zsolnay Quartier. This piece called Angster Re-generation present the life of József Angster and also the history of the famous Organ Factory based on the the newly launched book about the life of József Angster.

The Angster family is planning to start an Angster Museum in the close future to save and pass on the Angster traditions for the future generations.

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